Class Schedule

• Bikram- Our Bikram classes are traditional 90 minutes long. 26 postures and two breathing exercises.

• Vinyasa Flow – Our vinyasa flow is a dynamic led flow. Come prepared to work hard and have some fun,works the entire body and mind, a real modern day yoga in a heated environment.

• Hot 60 – Our hot 60 is an express Bikram styled hot class. Only 60 minutes in length covers all the traditional postures. A great work out

•All classes are beginner friendly.  If it’s your first class, come in 15 minutes early and Check out our beginner’s tips before your class.

•Bring along: yoga mat, two towels and water. (Mats and towels can be rented and water is sold at the studio).

8 Grevillea Street, The Arts and Industry Estate, Byron Bay
Phone: 0416 186214 or 0407 855783

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