Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga is a hatha based yoga series, completed in a room heated to 38 degrees.  The heat helps warm your muscles allowing a greater range of motion and reduced risk of injury as well as helping your body to burning fat more easily.

The poses are completed twice in a set order, with each pose preparing you for the next.   Bikram Yoga combines exercise and therapy healing and strengthening the body and calming the mind.

 Our Teachers

All of our teachers have undergone intensive training in America with Bikram Choudhury before becoming certified, and are re-certified every three years.

Jen MacLachlan

Jen has always had a strong interest in movement and the body

  • BA Honours Creative Arts, Dance, 1996
  • Bikram Teacher Training, 2008, 500 hours
  • Yin teacher training, 2013, 50 hours

Jen began practicing yoga in 2000, it started with Ashtanga, then onto Bikram, and also Vinyasa and Yin.
Jen teaches a class connecting closely to breath.

Cleave Williams

Cleave, American, does a little acting on the side (The Sapphires ha ha), and started practicing Bikram in 2008.  He co-owns and co-manages at Bikram Yoga Inner West and undertook his teacher training in Thailand in 2014.

Cleave loves to teach and practice, and he is dynamic, strong, and commanding, and a big personality!

Anna Muir 

  I was surprised when someone asked me if I’d tried Bikram yoga before.. Apparently it was like doing yoga in a sauna?!.. Well, that sounded kind of crazy, but I love the heat and couldn’t wait to try it out. The rest, as they say, is history!

Although I didn’t attend the Bikram Yoga Teacher Training until 2013, I did think about it right from my very first class. It was so hot, I couldn’t breathe properly, my shoulders and arms were burning so much and I was praying that we could finish that posture and get onto a different one because I didn’t want to sit down or give up (I believe that’s what we call ‘ego’). That was probably in Half Moon, so it was a very long 90mins for me! I remember thinking that the people in the room were all crazy. And if I was finding it this hard, what on earth do the instructors have to do to teach it??

As soon as I found how hard and challenging the yoga was for me, I knew I wanted to do the training one day. Initially, I wanted to complete the training for a personal challenge and growth experience. I just wanted to know that I could do it if I put my mind to it. I always promised my first mentor that I would teach a class when I got back, but to be honest the thought of standing up in front of a bunch of people was terrifying!

So much has changed since then. I’ve always loved helping people. Once I realised it wasn’t about how I felt, that it was simply helping people with their yoga practice, I just wanted to teach more and more.

Bikram yoga really seemed to sneak it’s way into my life and started to change so many things. You wouldn’t now it now, but when I first started I was a bit of a party animal. I loved going out and could hold my drinks pretty well. But the yoga was so hard, and I felt so good afterwards, that more and more often I just wanted to do positive things for my body. A lot of other stuff that I didn’t need just started falling away.

When I returned from London after a working holiday stint, the first thing I did was sign up to a 60 day challenge. Towards the end of the challenge someone teased me about the pants I was wearing. They were totally saggy in the bum. And I realised that I had to go out and buy new clothes because nothing fit me anymore. It was fascinating to see the changes taking place in my body. My whole shape seemed to change, my skin was clearer, my eyes brighter. Although I didn’t think I had many issues about my body to begin with, I just started feeling a lot better about myself and loving the person I saw in the mirror.

I also love the mental strength and determination Bikram yoga has given me. I’m an asthmatic and I’d been on a preventive medicine for as long as I could remember. The last one was so effective, it was as though I didn’t have asthma at all. Which made it hard to give up. But one day I decided that I didn’t want to keep putting steroids and medication into my body, so I made a choice to find a natural alternative. I attended a course on breathing techniques and that, combined with my yoga, means I’ve been off medication for more than 5 years!

Once you realise how powerful this practice is, and why it’s so wonderful for your mind, your body and your spirit, the rest is easy.

Dianne Whyatt

My Bikram yoga journey began in 2007, at the time I suffered from pretty bad lower back and sacral pain as well as having Scoliosis.

My mum introduced me to the practise suggesting I try this “hot sweaty yoga” to help heal my pain.
First class I was hooked, although during my first class I swore I’d never return! It was after that class I realised how energised and great I felt.

Within a short amount of time, my body began to reopen and feel amazing not to mention the clarity and stillness of my mind that the yoga also gave me. With a life time interest in natural therapies and healing modalities, a whole new awareness on many different levels presented themselves to me along my yoga journey.

After 9 years of practising I finally fulfilled a dream of doing the teacher training, to share my passion and love for this yoga with others. To see others receive the many benefits that come through the practise.

Tips for first timers

Bikram Yoga is for everyone, regardless of age or fitness level.

Getting started:

•For first–timers, arrive 15 minutes before class to register and settle in.

•The goal for your first class is to stay in the room for the whole 90 minutes.

•During poses kneel down when you need to.

•Feeling dizzy, nauseous or light-headed is normal when you first get started.

•Don’t feel self-conscious; people’s focus is usually on themselves and not the person next to them.

•Take your second class within 24 hours, even if your muscles are sore and aching.

•Yoga mats and bath towels are available for hire.

•Drink plenty of water after class.

Make Sure You Have:

•An empty stomach – don’t eat 2 to 3 hours before class.

•A clean body – no perfumes or aftershaves

•Proper hydration – drink plenty of water (1-2 litres) throughout the day before the class.

•Two towels, one for class and one for showering after class

•A plastic bag for your wet clothes

•A bottle of water for class, we do not allow glass in the studio

What to wear:

•Light and fitted clothes for exercise or yoga, sports bra or top, leggings or shorts

Most of all.. An open mind and a positive attitude!

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